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Hi, I'm Nicky.

As a leader in the professional space, I’ve worked with many highly motivated and driven entrepreneurs and professionals, who are looking to fulfil their potential and live their best life across the board (not just at work). During my career, where I have helped build many successful businesses and teams, people have often asked what my secret was to getting things done. I have many strategies to share (including my Inspired Change and Gratitude Attitude journals practices as well as my doTERRA essential Oils and tips from my book, 7 Steps to Finding Flow), but I’ve come to know and understand that it’s all about energy. A holistic energy in all aspects of your life, supported by these proven tools and strategies.

My personal life has been one of great adventure rooted in friendship and a deep commitment to holistic living. During and after a recent health crisis, I dove deeper into understanding how my energy, environment and nervous system impacts my health and have managed to bring healing and wellness back into my life, supported by a wealth of scientific learning and a tribe of incredible women, whom I now call friends. I’ll be incorporating all of this knowledge under Finding Flow, my guide to easeful living.

Join me as I bring these beautiful areas of my life together to carve out my next chapter rooted in a sense of ease, flow, thoughtful simplicity and elegant power.

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