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Hi, I'm Nicky.

I guide and support women to embrace their elegant power and live their best lives through tuning into their inner knowing and owning their innate worthiness.

With energy at the core of my philosophy, I will guide and inspire you to find your flow, connect to your intuition and step into your radiant, feminine power with easefulness and thoughtful simplicity.

I specialise in helping women intentionally create, transition to and live a life that they love based on their individual and unique gifts.

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‘Nicky Rowbotham is a woman on a mission to help everyday people create an amazing flow of energy that allows them to live their best lives.’

- Hello Joburg

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Leader, Founder & Entrepreneur

As a leader in financial services for the past 20 years and founder of Inspired Change, I bring a wealth of experience in building businesses, growing teams, coaching leaders and navigating life to my work.

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As an expert of my own lived experience, backed by countless hours of scientific research, I share my stories and insights in an easily accessible way through my writing and my Books, 7 Steps to Finding Flow and Embrace your Elegant Power

Nicky Rowbotham - Leaf Element

Elegant Power & Intuitive Wellness Coach

I offer bespoke and personalised guidance and coaching to help you tune into your radiant feminine energy to live your best live with soul, flow and grace through my personalised coaching sessions, supported by my digital, self-paced courses.

Nicky Rowbotham - Leaf Element


Based on my work and writing, I have been asked to speak at a number of events and connect in the media on topics ranging from women in business, stress, health, journaling, embracing our elegant power to intentional living and gratitude.