Be Present to Embrace the Day

There are few times more magical and tranquil than early morning light.  When that soft golden glow warms up everything. The quiet stillness is absorbed into every pore and is accentuated by the sounds of nature waking up: the twitter of the birds and the trickle of a nearby stream.

It’s magic hour.

When everyone else is sleeping and I feel like I have the word almost all to myself. Whether it’s sitting on the veranda with a cup of coffee, getting outdoors and active or just marvelling at the majesty of nature from my bed with the curtains and windows open, it’s time that restores my soul.

I feel grounded, energised and soul filled. Holidays are a great time to marvel at our surrounds in awe as they are usually new and different, or we just make the time to slow down and take them all in. I love to bring this feeling into my every day routine. To become more present as we embrace each new day in gratitude. As I appreciate the small things, my routine feels less monotonous. Less ‘hamster on a wheel’. From my running and walking routes to a peaceful spot on the veranda where I get to watch  the birds feed whilst I linger over my coffee and journal and really feel into and embrace the moment.

What if we started every day off with a sense of wonder and marvel at the magic we are surrounded by every single day? We’d start the day less stressed, less rushed, less anxious and move into our day a lot more grounded, centred and present. How are you creating those moments to become more present to embrace your day?

Boathouse. Photo: Author’s Own

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