Do your boundaries look like scuffed chalk marks on the floor? No one knows where they are, including you?

To protect your energy and resilience, that needs to stop TODAY.


Boundaries are Badass


In this masterclass you’ll learn...

✔️ Why boundaries are so important?

✔️ Why we struggle to hold them and why you keep tripping up?

✔️ What boundaries often look like in the small, everyday interactions.

✔️ How to identify where you need to build or hold a boundary.

✔️ How boundaries should feel when you’re standing in your power.

✔️ Where to start in creating a more boundaried life.

✔️ Scripts and narratives to start having the tough conversations

The biggest myth about boundaries is that someone else is crossing them. We have allowed them to be crossed.

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Build your boundaries and learn what made your boundaries porous in the first place in easier to digest micro-sessions. To support you further, there will be journal prompts to help you reflect on your boundaries as well as a supportive meditation supporting the self-love and self-ownership we all need to become more boundaried in our lives.

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