Meditation is such a powerful tool to support your daily mindfulness practice. It’s the ultimate pause for potency as it allows us to quiet our minds, release the stresses of the day and become present in the moment. My meditations are the perfect guided support for your meditation and mindfulness practice.

These meditation audio's will be available instantly for direct mp3 download. These meditations come as an mp3 file that you can download and put on your phone to draw on anytime you need. Listen to them in the car to work, on a walk or while you are cooking dinner at home. Or, set aside time each day in your sacred space to take the practice that little bit deeper.

Meditation Bundle (Best Value!)
R450 / $30

Put your hustle on pause and build a new meditation habit with this meditation collection, with all the meditations below to help you create space for mindfulness in your life. This collection of meditations will help you build a new meditation habit easefully into your day and guide you through your practice.

Purchase Mediations individually

Enough Meditation

It’s time to put your hustle on pause in this meditation and remember that you are enough right now.

R100 / $7

Release Meditation

A meditation to help you exhale and release tension from your body and mind.

R100 / $7

Renew Meditation

Renew, regenerate and call in the energy of Spring with this meditation to bring in wholeness and peace to restore your energy.

R100 / $7

Light Meditation

Let go, exhale and lighten the load that you are carrying in your body. This meditation will help you breathe out any feelings of how this moment, right now, needs to look any different, as you feel your body becoming lighter and lighter.

R100 / $7

Reset Meditation

Reset your energy to hold a frequency of ease in this meditation. Centre into a more grounded, present energy knowing that you are exactly where you need to be right now, whatever cycle or season you are in.

R100 / $7