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An essential oil dedicated stationery range for oil users and oil business owners alike

Oilsentials is the lovechild of my passion for essential oils and beautiful, functional stationary. I was looking for ways to organise my oil usage and build my doTERRA wellness business in an effective and aligned way, rather than having a collection of post it notes on my wall, or scribbles in random journals - and so, the Oilsentials collection was born.

Now, I share my carefully thought out and professionally designed Oilsentials stationery products with other essential oil fans and business owners, to help them along their personal and entrepreneurial journeys.

Product Spotlight

THE OILSENTIALS JOURNAL makes incorporating essential oils into your household and lifestyle simple, practical and stylish.

This beautifully designed and dedicated note book is the perfect place to store a collection of notes, tips and oil blends, making it easy to refer back to your 'old faithfuls' at any time, and to jot down any new ideas.

The Oilsentials Journal is perfect for recording:

  • your essential oil usage
  • your oil inventory
  • a wish list of oils you’d like to use
  • your favourite oils for different purposes
  • roller bottle and diffuser blends

If you're new to the world of essential oils, The Oilsentials Journal also includes a few suggested blends, for your roller bottles and diffuser, to help get you started.

doTerra Essential Oils - Nicky Rowbotham
Oilsentials - Nicky Rowbotham

THE OILSENTIALS BUSINESS PLANNER is the perfect tool to help you grow your essential oils business.

Articulate your vision, map your ‘why’, track and manage contacts and enrollees. You can also set goals, get an overview of your stats, plus trend and track your progress with a detailed 18 page monthly process covering 12 months (undated so you can start any time!)

There's space to reflect, dream, doodle and draw... but most importantly, to map your goals (planned versus actual earnings, rank, enrollee etc) and target your Power of 3 structural bonus. It also helps you to reflect on the month gone by, to plan for month ahead and to intentionally focus on celebrating your team wins!

Use the accompanying milestone marker stickers to track your ranks, plot classes, wins, bonuses, and getting paid in a fun and colorful way.


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