Pay It Forward

Sponsoring self-care is a beautiful gesture to support those who need it.

We rise by lifting others

When I was in Italy a few years ago, I encountered a tradition of giving back called caffè sospeso. When you paid for your coffee at a coffee shop, you could pay for an extra – a caffè sospeso, which would be kept on hold for someone who could not afford to buy their own.

This beautiful gesture has always stuck with me - the idea that someone less fortunate could walk in, feel free to ask, and experience the retrospective kindness of a stranger in this way is so incredible.

In honour of this beautiful gesture, I want to embrace the principle by providing an anonymous benefactor platform here. When you buy my book, a courses or a journals, they will be given the option of contributing to, or paying for in full, another course or journal, which will be kept in reserve for individuals who cannot afford to pay for it themselves.

Nicky Rowbotham - Leaf Element

Pay It Forward

Give the beautiful gift of self care or support to someone who can't afford it.

Nicky Rowbotham - Leaf Element

Apply for Sponsorship

Apply to be the recipient of a self-care sponsorship

Pay it Forward

You can sponsor or contribute anything from R100 for someone less fortunate or unable to afford these tools to support their life, health or wellness.  

What can you sponsor?

  • Self Care Sponsorship: you can sponsor a portion or full copy of 7 Steps to Finding Flow, one of my digital courses or a consult session with me
  • Productivity Pay it Forward:  you can sponsor a portion or full journal for someone

Who does this go too?

Those that are less fortunate and unable to afford the tools that they need to support their health, wellness or dreams. So many are struggling right now and productivity tools or self care support feels like a distant dream. 

Let’s change that. Sponsor someone today!

Choose the type of support you’d like to provide: 

7 Steps to Finding Flow Book, Digital course or consult

Inspired Change Journal

Apply for Self-Care Sponsorship

If you’re unable to afford it and are looking for some extra support, you can apply for a Self-Care Sponsorship, below. Each application will be considered as I am looking to help those really in need.

To be considered: 

  • Click on the link below and send  me a motivation, email and Instagram handle (if you have) telling me why you would love to be a candidate for our pay it forward programme.
  • By applying for this programme, you consent to sharing your details with me
  • We will also be working with organisations that help women in need of support to sponsor