Work with Nicky

I’ve developed an understanding into a number of tools and techniques that can be incorporated into your life simply, thoughtfully and elegantly. Everything you do either creates or destroys energy - let’s create an amazing flow of energy that helps you to live your best life.

This Masterclass will support you in building and holding boundaries in your life with ease, to support your energy and resilience.

R1,111 / $75

A 53 minute masterclass to help you embody a new way to embrace your personal power

R500 / $35

Tune into your knowing, your innate self-worth to start to understand and own your elegant power. Identify what is holding you back in all areas of your life and step intentionally to transition onto a path of easefulness.

R1,900 / $111

Find clarity and unpick your relationship with stress, and the energetic impact that this has in your life. During this session, we'll develop a personalised flow plan for you to work with, to help you Find Your Flow and create easefulness in your life.

R1,900 / $111

Key note talks

Finding Flow & Stressing Less

Nicky will guide the audience to tune into and become aware of the state of their nervous systems and habits that keep us always on, own the stories that we tell ourselves about stress and become intentional in how we manage our days to build a resilient foundation in our energy. Architecting our days, sleep routines, lightening the load on our bodies, nervous system regulation and creating pauses for potency are just some of the topics that Nicky will touch on in a highly practical presentation.

This key note is a 60 minute talk (45 minutes with 15 minutes Q&A) with the optional extra of copies of Nicky’s book 7 Steps to Finding Flow and pdf Flow Plans to help embed the practices

Personal Power Mastery

Power and Force are concepts often confused, but they are distinctly different and significantly impact the way we lead ourselves and others. Nicky will guide the audience to recognise the difference between these two concepts and empower people to own their innate power with ease. As we step out of the stories that keep us stuck and small, we emerge as centred and grounded individuals who trust their own intuition, embrace and celebrate their unique and diverse gifts, whilst being boundaried in able to hold space for themselves and others from an energy and place of easefulness. When we start to trust ourselves and tune into our sense of self worth and personal power, the game changes in how we lead and live.

This key note is a 60 minute talk (45 minutes with 15 minutes Q&A) with the optional extra of copies of Nicky’s book Embrace Your Elegant Power and pdf Ease into Your Elegant Power plan with practical journal prompts to help embed the practices.