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Over a cup of coffee in September 2018, I decided to put my own personal process into a journal in a way that provides a balance of structure, as well as personal freedom. I’ve always tracked my goals, intentions and businesses in a paper journal to be free of digital distractions and remain focussed. Dated planners and blank journals have their benefits, however, I wanted to create a balance of structure and space to facilitate a process that works for you to go after your goals and your intentions in a better way that works for you. A contemporary, unisex journal that feels professional, loaded with elegant power, was my aim. And it’s undated, so you can start at any time. Why wait for Monday or January. Your time is now!

The INSPIRED | CHANGE journal was designed to create intentional focus to achieve your goals, unleash potential and live your best life, with some space for gratitude and balance (as we all need some of that. We are what we do and decide to do daily. Consistency matters. Small, smart choices aligned to our goals and intentions that are made consistently over time build momentum. But saying we’re going to do something is easy and seldom works. Writing things down creates accountability to own our decisions and actions and creates momentum towards our goals and the INSPIRED | CHANGE Journal is a critical accountability partner.

Post the success of the INSPIRED | CHANGE Journal, I have since created the GRATITUDE | ATTITUDE Journal, which is specifically focussed on a daily practice of gratitude. I have also created a range of notepads available on my online store: Goals & Gratitude, Make Magic Happen and Feed Your Focus.

Product Spotlight

THE INSPIRED CHANGE JOURNAL is an undated daily journal designedto help you prioritise and accomplish your most important tasksand actions, to achieve your goals, fulfill your potential and live yourbest life.

This productivity planner also helps to create intentional focus and beat procrastination! It’s an analogue tool for a digital age, minimising digital distractions.

  • Efficient Focus - free of digital distractions, the journal will only take you a few minutes a day
  • Balance of structure and space - for creativity, thoughts and ideas
  • 100 days of undated goal / intention setting guides and pages - you can start any time
  • Daily tracking pages - structured around achieving your goals and intentions. These will help you build consistency and momentumaround your actions
Inspired Change Journals
Inspired Change Journals

THE GRATITUDE ATTITUDE JOURNAL is perfect for anyone who wishes to be more present, and focus their attention on the positive things in their lives.

  • 100 pages - focusing daily on gratitude
  • Efficient Focus - free of digital distractions, this journal will only take you a few minutes each morning and evening to use. With its page-a-day layout, if you miss a few days, you can keep going even if you miss a day because it’s undated
  • Daily tracking pages - carefully structured on your gratitude practice, to help you build consistency and momentum around incorporating gratitude daily


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